6 Things Women Consider Cheating

6 Things Women Consider Cheating

Romantic relationships don’t consist of bright and happy moments only. There are also negative situations any couple goes through. In some cases, it’s actually possible to prevent a conflict. For instance, by altering your manners. In this article, our experts from Go Date Now gathered the top six men’s behaviours women interpret as cheating. Read and find out what to keep your eye on!

  1. Hanging out with new friends of the opposite sex

Of course, making new friends is amazing. In past, men and women tended to group with people of the same sex. Nowadays, the conception of friendship hugely transforms as we are free to communicate with both male and female peers. And this may provoke couple fights – “what if his friend isn’t just a friend?”. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your girl gets furious about your frequent meetups with some other lady.

  1. Watching too much porn

It should seem all right. Modern people know there’s nothing criminal about watching porn or masturbating… Until it influences your relationship. Some girls still judge these things to be unacceptable. If your significant other notices you watch tonnes of porn and, what’s even worse, add some stimulation to this process, she might think you’re not completely satisfied with your sexual life.

  1. Contacts with your ex

Breakups happen due to various things. Some ex-couples manage to maintain a connection as just friends and some don’t wanna see one another anymore. If the second case is yours, we should warn you about possible difficulties your present relationship may face. Even if your communication doesn’t feature any intimacy, such a friendship seems to be rather suspicious from your partner’s view. Consider to resolve this issue!

  1. Saving dirty pics

Almost every one of us has some dirty photos from the past. We likely save them on a computer or smartphone – for different purposes. Indeed, collecting memories is nice. As a rule, we don’t stick to those pictures too much. Yet when a girl finds stuff like this on your PC, she has the legal rule to suspect you of being unfaithful. So our main tip will be to get rid of any sexy photos (if only they aren’t so precious to you).

  1. Not wearing your wedding ring

This sign of cheating is as old as the hills. Well, forgetting to wear your wedding ring doesn’t necessarily mean you’re about to betray your dear wife. On the other hand, thousands of men do so when they’re gonna commit such a crime. Sometimes, this even becomes a habit – a bad one we have to admit. So if you’re really fond of your spouse and concerned about how she feels, we suggest you watch your fingers out.

  1. Inappropriate chatting and texting

In fact, there are two kinds of cheating: emotional and physical. Yes, they often go together. But at the initial stages of falling out of love with your mate, only one of them is typically present. Someone starts with random sexual contacts while someone discovers unexpected pleasure via just communication. Anyway, knowing that your partner chats and texts to another person may also irritate your partner.

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