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Cheating: How Women Understand It

Cheating: How Women Understand It

Apart from bringing pleasure, a romantic relationship can also bring problems. Cheating is surely one of the key factors that destroy many romances. But what if you aren’t a cheater? In fact, women are able to take certain things for wrong. Dating experts from Dating Brides will tell you what exactly they consider as cheating.

  1. Spending too much time with your female friends

Even if they are really just your friends, your partner may suspect the things are different. The question of the possibility of friendship between a man and a woman is still open nowadays because people weren’t able to freely make friends of the opposite sex. Perhaps, the situation will change with time – or not. Just keep in mind you shouldn’t demonstratively put your peers over your lover.

  1. Adult video watching

No, it’s not about any kinds of disorders. We’re talking about regular porn watching. Come on, I know you do it – everyone does. But some women are convinced adult films watching and masturbating in front of your lady are crimes. It’s like you can’t get enough pleasure from her in bed, which is definitely upsetting. Good if you and your mate can reach the compromise.

  1. Maintaining a connection with your ex

Couples part under different circumstances: some can’t see one another anymore and some become good friends. Well, if you have kids, you and your former spouse likely contact each other on occasion. Nothing is outrageous about it. However, if you and your ex are just friends, your current lover may nevertheless get jealous: “What if he’s still in love with that girl, not with me?”

  1. Keeping dirty photos on your computer

Sure you have some. For various reasons, we keep those hot pictures of us or our crushes on our devices. You say no one will ever find them. Yet your girl might do it just by accidence – and burn you with her fury. Look, not every girl will necessarily react like this but the probability is high. To keep your relationship free from couple fights, you’d better make sure they are hidden well enough.

  1. Going out without a wedding ring

If you are already married, she likely expects you to never put it off. Regardless of what makes you do so, I advise you to actually wear your wedding ring. Once your spouse notices you don’t do it, she may become suspicious about your intentions. What if you play a bachelor in order to attract as many young hotties as possible? Don’t doubt, she will get to thinking about it.

  1. Online chatting to other ladies via social media

Cheating isn’t always physical. Strictly speaking, its emotional variant is even worse. There are many discussions around chatting and sexting as online dating experiences a real boost. Your significant other won’t definitely be happy do find out you flirt with hot girls on the Internet. If you indeed value your connection with her, wouldn’t it be wise to abandon this habit?

Why Do Men Hate Successful Women?

Why Do Men Hate Successful Women?

Taylor Swift? She is a psychopath. Amy Winehouse? She is a drug addict. Mary, God forgive me, Antoinette? She is a lesbian. Admit it, you often hear such estimates in relation to bright, successful and popular women.

It often happens that smart and successful women are lonely. They get all they want: expensive clothes, branded shoes, manners, and apartments. Everything, except the prince they were dreaming about when they were kids. The princess notes a terrible gap in her perfect education. The world offers her a great number of princes, presidents, heads, but she has no idea on how to approach them! The prestigious college she graduated did not have classes on how to approach men.


Typical princesses are often willing to explain such a behavior with the statement that men are afraid of strong women. However, if this was true and men divided women into weak and strong ones, there would be no problems at all.

Life is hardly a fairytale, and successful women are not seventeen anymore. However, they are doing their best to look as young as possible (I mean the single ones).  They tend to use nude look makeup, teenage clothes and start using metro, instead of a taxi or their private vehicle.

Glenn Wilson, the psychologist from London, says that this is an attempt to keep their youth, a so-called Michel Jackson syndrome. On the one hand, single and successful women try to stay young and sexually attractive.  On the other hand, they try to catch up with all the things a normal girl deal as a teenager. The thing is that these princesses used to behave as grownups when they were young. They were studying and working hard, instead of handing out with friends and have fun. They believe that it is better to pick the one guy, a prince, instead of hooking up and trying to build relationships with different guys. This makes them quite picky, by the way. However, their age requires a bit different behavior.


The female success (or career) neither attracts men nor freak them out. The thing is that this success is often going together with character features, which frighten men a lot.

The age itself, by the way, does not work as the crucial factor when we deal with relationships. It does not actually matter that much how old you are. The problem here is that the official, intellectual and emotional age of single and successful women differs. On the one hand, she is 28 and she is on the top of her career which would be difficult to achieve even for a man in his 40s, on the other hand, she shy to talk with guys outside of the office and is laughing like a teenager when she does. Even the highest IQ won’t make a man believe that she is a great girl if she does that.

Besides, men do not seem to be princes for such women. They point that men who surround them have too many drawbacks: some have a beer belly, some are bold, other make twice less money than they do. This is all about being picky, as you see.


Here comes a long list of stereotypes from childhood.

One of them is a so-called loyal prince. A single and successful woman is sure that even if she hasn’t met her mate yet, he is waiting for her somewhere, refusing all other women. This automatically excludes all the divorced men from the list. So, how many has left on the list? Don’t be afraid, single ukrainian brides waiting for you!

The 15 Best Moments in Every Relationship

The 15 Best Moments in Every Relationship

  1. The first time you two stayed alone. There is nothing more exciting than the wave of emotions on the first date. This is quite similar to your wedding day.
  2. The infinite two-second pause before the first kiss. And the very first kiss saying you both feel so good with each other that want this feeling to live forever.
  3. The first time she felt your erection while hugging. You must admit that this moment is hard to forget.
  4. The first time you were in private for the whole night, instead of leave-taking form is if she were a Cinderella.
  5. The first night you spend together doing nothing. This is incredibly romantic to enjoy each other all the night through. It’s cool if two people can spend hours talking in bed and not annoy or bore each other.
  6. The moment when you realize that her family is your family too and you enjoy the feeling. Meeting her family may be embarrassing sometimes. But what a relief when this is not your case and you feel great in the company of your future parents in law.
  7. The moment when you meet her in the airport after being apart for a long time. The cute thing about it is that you are surrounded by a few more couple feeling the same way you do (if you are able to notice them, of course).
  8. The purchase of a second toothbrush in order to put the one next to yours. You may say that this will be just more comfortable for her, but you realize that you two really want to be together.
  9. The first quarrel. It seemed to lead to a hard breakup at that moment. You could not find a common ground but both were afraid to lose each other and break up for real. You simply were not aware how to communicate so that it would be effective and lead to a mutual understanding.
  10. When you said it loud the “I love you” phrase and froze waiting for the response. You cannot say I love you and continue talking about something else. It just does not work this way. The first love confession is always accompanied with fear and excitement.
  11. The night when you are planning to go somewhere for weekends – just two of you! You feel bloat with a delight of the trip. You are excited both about the trip and the way.
  12. When you get yourselves a puppy and raise it together. The best part is that you are doing great! Or the moment when you start living together and your dog approves your woman as a new member of your family.
  13. When you are finishing another difficult life period and realizing that it is much easier to overcome it together. It does not matter whether you face the illness or death of a close person – you begin to understand that she did her best to help you to go through it, which means she cares a lot about you.
  14. The moment when you feel happy for no reason and you want to share this feeling with your mate and hold her hand so tight that she looks at you and smile. This may not happen on a daily basis but once you feel it the days seems to be just great.
  15. The feeling that you want your children to look like.

The article is provided by the dating experts specialized in dating a Russian girl.

Popular Reasons for a Breakup

Popular Reasons for a Breakup

Life can change so fast! Even the happiest partnership can come to its inevitable end. Obviously, you will have to deal with a breakup (except if you want to meet a Russian wife – you won’t ever want to leave this precious creature!). To understand the real nature of a breakup, you have to know the most popular reasons for it. Some of them will be quite obvious, others will rather surprise you.

  1. Poor communication. It’s not a countdown, but if it was – poor communication, without doubts, would get the first place. You cannot imagine how many couples lost their mojo just because they never actually managed to learn how to communicate properly. Communication in a partnership is not only about talking and exchanging information; it’s likewise about how you talk and what you choose to say and what to avoid saying. In the end, interpersonal communication is not that much of a sophisticated science if you pay some attention to it. All you need to do is to put respect to your partner as the basis of your every action and decision. Voila! Your communication is flawless.
  2. Poor sex life. This reason can be directly related to communicational issues or exist separately. You might also admit that some couples rarely have sex and don’t focus their efforts on making it great and YET manage to live happily ever after, and it’s true. Nevertheless, sex is the constituent in almost every couple and you have to think about – whether you want it or not. Sex life strongly affects the spark, the passion you have between two of you, and if your couple lacks this passion – it isn’t going anywhere.
  3. Sexual infidelity and emotional betrayals. This one is a complex reason as any kind of cheating has its own motive. We are not trying to justify cheaters in any way; what we are trying to say is that cheating does not happen in happy and flourishing partnerships. Even drunk episodes often have a wide range of presuppositions. Clearly, sexual infidelity can ruin any partnership for good. But think deeper about it: maybe, it was you who inclined your partner to seek warmth and closeness somewhere else? If not, just get over it. Betrayers rarely change. Or even never.  
  4. The lack of romance. This one might sound bizarre. However, it happens more often than you think. Partners (especially men, unfortunately; sorry for gender stereotyping – it’s unavoidable in this case) often stop doing anything romantic right after the end of courtship – so, you will never go out on a romantic candlelit dinner, will never lay in bed of roses, will never recklessly ride through the night drinking sparkling wine etc. As we have mentioned earlier, every partnership without exceptions require fueling its passion at some point, and little romantic gestures can work just fine for this purpose. Without them, your relationship will dry out.
  5. “Falling out of love”. Once again, a bizarre-sounding reason. In fact, this is the most popular one among the reasons for a breakup. You see, love (or what we call “butterflies in the stomach”) has quite a strange effect on our minds. We sometimes refuse to see the flaws of our prospective partner, taking them as adorable features. Likewise, this feeling often veils our eyes so we don’t see the obvious problems that can in future ruin the relationship we are starting e.g. remoteness, radically different life goals etc. That is why “falling out of love” is actually a thing. We don’t always control our minds and lives.

Here are a few popular reasons for a breakup. We really hope this list explains some of your dating fails and helps you never repeat the same mistakes again!

5 Ways to Meet Your Perfect Match

5 Ways to Meet Your Perfect Match

It is a natural desire to crave for love, support, and happy family. Those are factors which positively affect our mental and physical state, as well as provide an incentive for self-perfection. That’s why finding a perfect match is probably one of the most important goals of each young man and woman.  Unfortunately, the reality is not as rosy as we would like it to be, and finding that person is often easier said than done; especially now when people are glued to their computer and cell phone screens.  While some find their halves by pure luck or coincidence, others have to put in a lot of efforts. However, your chances to succeed will increase if you do not blindly rely on fate and take matters into your own hands. If you are interested in changing your status from ‘single’ to ‘dating’ or ‘married’, then our article will help you figure out how to find your perfect match.

1. Develop positive character traits

Make a list of traits that you would like to see in a partner. Maybe you appreciate a good sense of humor and a sweet smile.  Maybe you prefer sports people or those who love reading. Consider whether you can develop those qualities in yourself.  Doing so will increase your chances of meeting a person with the same interests and desires.

2. Try to look good and be confident

Before someone else can love you, you have to love yourself first. Of course, the moral virtues are very important but equally important is the “shape of content”. Like it or not, it is often the appearance we pay attention to firstly. Therefore, you need to work on yourself.  Go to a gym, visit a hairdresser, buy some new clothes and pleasant perfume. Try to look your best as if you have scheduled a dream date at the end of the day.

3. Expand your social circle

Where to find a match? Anywhere except home, while lying on a couch and watching TV. In order to meet new people, you need to be in new places. Start visiting exhibitions, lectures, and seminars on the subjects you like, join a sports club or take up dancing, go on a trip even if there is no company. The more you communicate with people, the easier it will be to find your soul mate.

4. Register for online dating sites

Online dating has proven to be a rather convenient and oftentimes successful way of bringing two people together. All you have to do is sign up, write a couple of words about yourself and upload a nice picture. All done! With just a few clicks of a button, you can find a person with similar interests and hobbies, not even realizing that he/she might become your future wife or husband. For example, men could try their luck and look for beautiful Russian brides on verified online dating resources.

5. Be yourself

Don’t try to be someone who you are really not. Firstly, that might look unnatural or even ridiculous. And secondly, if the person doesn’t appreciate the real you, what’s the point of building a relationship?  Being yourself, expressing your own ideas and opinions can help to avoid wasting time while dating.

These are just a few tips which can help you to get started. All you have to do is to be patient and persistent. It may seem hard in the beginning but the result is worth it.

How to deal with a heartbreak

How to deal with a heartbreak

How to forget faster your former love, if you had to part with your ex-beloved? How to remove the pain off the broken heart? At least once in the life, we all had to pass such test and get this experience. There is no big difference whether it is a brake after short-time period in love or after a long-time family relationship. Neither it is whether you are a girl or a boy, a woman or a man. Apparently, the common opinion is that the girl or a woman is suffering more and men are always guilty. A girl and a woman is more week, people say, and they are victims in “the men’s world”. Contrary to this popular belief, when a relationship is in trouble, it is men who may suffer the most. Let’s admit that this is the big trouble for both women and men, and all depends on personalities and circumstances. Psychologically, collapse in relations hits your habits, sexual needs, your stereotypes of life. Very often the brake of relationship makes effect on material situation that obviously will become poor. Be ready for material endeavors too.

First of all, it is better for you to brake all contacts with your former beloved. Later, maybe you will build good platonic relations with your former lover, but you have to take a pause now. Relax and chill out. You just need to give yourself time to adapt to new situation. Focus on different things, be active in the business, home affairs or physical exercises. Try to avoid places where you were together, don’t answer to his or her calls, don’t make initiative to remind about yourself. Simply, stop thinking about it! It’s tempting to keep reminders of the person or relationship around you: photos, letters, gifts. Remember that such objects are also a vivid and constant reminder of the relationship and as such can also be very painful. While it might not be necessary to purge every reminder of the person, give thought to whether having such items around is preventing you from moving on, and to the extent to which it might be best to remove them from view. Get rid of this inner torture that is like a black hole takes you deeper inside more and more. No good. If you allow it, you will surely have serious psychological problems to cure for a long time. The activity is like a lightning rod, a valve for letting off the steam. Engaging in activities you used to enjoy, even if you can’t fully enjoy them yet, will help reconnect you to your core self and the person you were before the breakup. It should transform the negative energy accumulated in you into something new and better.
You will be changed and you have to be changed. It is rising you to new heights. For changes inside, change your cloths. Buy something new, put on bright and fashionable cloths and take care how you look like. That helps you to restore the self-confidence. The heartache weakens with time and it will go away. The positive way of thinking is very important. Every disease, every pain must be gone, the time is healing. Sooner you recover from it, the better. And you will become psychologically stronger and steadier.

Then, allow vacations for yourself and forget about limitations and forbidden things. For the time being. For a week or so, no longer. Don’t stay face to face with your grief, meet friends, go to some new places together, have new positive impressions! Good movie, theater play or show will divert you from self-eating and you will see the situation under different angle. The participation of your closest friends in your troubles make you understand who are them and what they mean for you. In many ways they will be right, because more likely they will try to assist you. Listen to them. The communication should not be limited by your relatives and best friends. The instinct to withdraw can be powerful after a breakup, but it should only last for a limited amount of time. By avoiding the people who love and respect you, you are depriving yourself of their caring, love and concern, which are important for your self-esteem and moral recovery. Even if you don’t feel fully up to it, connect with people who care about you. You may ask them to avoid discussing the breakup, if you prefer not to talk about it.
New acquaintances are necessary and very useful. Who knows, maybe you will meet somebody very interesting and important at this very moment. There is the right expression: Fight fire with fire. Of course, you shouldn’t throw yourself into dating when your heart is still freshly broken. Give yourself a reasonable deadline for the rest and go on once the fixed by you time has passed.
Less ego! Of course, your ego and self-esteem are already hurting, but do not make it worse. Using negative self-talk after a painful rejection is similar to break your leg and then decide to hit it with a hammer. You feel pity and you ask yourself all the time: how he or she was able to make it to you? Why and what for? You did not deserve it! You loved and you got a hit to the vulnerable spot. It is not fare! Your ego and proud was under attack, you were betrayed. Your selfish feelings are destructive! Try to imagine the situation generally, your injured vanity apart. Anger, self-pity and self-scorn, these feelings are painful. When you mix them all together, you suffer three times as much. You feel a confusion as well. One minute you are angry with your lover, then you are angry at the whole world, because it is so cruel and unjust to you, and then you are upset, you feel his or her inadequacies. In short, you feel an emotional catastrophe. After the break you feel an emotional pain. Although it seems to be a big problem, in fact there are two problems: your relationship came to the end; and you feel pain. You buy two problems for the price of one. Perhaps you can do anything with the first problem, but you have a lot of options to cope with the second.

The psychologists advise these steps how to relieve the mental pain and move on.
Make an agreement with yourself. While it is end the relationship, only you can cope with it. Nobody else then you. No one will do it for you, so you have to take responsibility for the problem yourself. Nothing will change to the better, until you decide to resist and start doing it immediately! Give the commitment to yourself that you absolutely refuse to feel the emotional pain.
Then, take yourself as you are without any condition. Stop blaming yourself for what happened. Of course, you are not perfect, everyone has flaws. Accept the fact that you are ordinary human being, and there is no law that orders you to be perfect. You have the right to have weaknesses and shortcomings. Accept the it is, unconditionally. Life is often unfair: good things happen with “bad people” and bad things happen with “good people”. It goes this way. Jumping back and forth and screaming loudly about this, you do not change the order of things. Just accept the fact that life can always be better. So stop complaining and learn to live with it. Unconditionally accept your ex. Like anyone else your former can make mistakes. All people have an incurable tendency to commit mistakes. Most people can figure out what those were rather quickly. Do not tempt as it is to brood and ruminate about what happened. Once you have determined what were your mistakes, stop thinking about them. Going over them again and again will only make you feel worse and delay your emotional recovery.

The longer you accumulate evil thoughts towards your ex, the longer you will feel anger and bitterness. Don’t idealize the person who dumped you. If the person hurt you so much, you have to change your point of view about this person. Just remember about his or her various flaws and how he or she was disgusting during the recent events. Romanticizing the person even further and dwelling on the good times will only make it harder and more painful to deal with the reality. You have to appoint your goals to achieve. Be active in finding new friends or, if you have the intention to be alone for a while, spend your time with maximum effect and profit for yourself. Give yourself an obligation to look for your own happiness and go to it step by step.
Following these advises will help you to cope with a break in the relationship, which is very important for you. They will help you stop feeling heartache and bitterness and allow you to recover fast from breakup, revive your self-esteem and continue your life in full.
This article is provided by Ukrainian Girls Online!

6 Things Women Consider Cheating

6 Things Women Consider Cheating

Romantic relationships don’t consist of bright and happy moments only. There are also negative situations any couple goes through. In some cases, it’s actually possible to prevent a conflict. For instance, by altering your manners. In this article, our experts from Go Date Now gathered the top six men’s behaviours women interpret as cheating. Read and find out what to keep your eye on!

  1. Hanging out with new friends of the opposite sex

Of course, making new friends is amazing. In past, men and women tended to group with people of the same sex. Nowadays, the conception of friendship hugely transforms as we are free to communicate with both male and female peers. And this may provoke couple fights – “what if his friend isn’t just a friend?”. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your girl gets furious about your frequent meetups with some other lady.

  1. Watching too much porn

It should seem all right. Modern people know there’s nothing criminal about watching porn or masturbating… Until it influences your relationship. Some girls still judge these things to be unacceptable. If your significant other notices you watch tonnes of porn and, what’s even worse, add some stimulation to this process, she might think you’re not completely satisfied with your sexual life.

  1. Contacts with your ex

Breakups happen due to various things. Some ex-couples manage to maintain a connection as just friends and some don’t wanna see one another anymore. If the second case is yours, we should warn you about possible difficulties your present relationship may face. Even if your communication doesn’t feature any intimacy, such a friendship seems to be rather suspicious from your partner’s view. Consider to resolve this issue!

  1. Saving dirty pics

Almost every one of us has some dirty photos from the past. We likely save them on a computer or smartphone – for different purposes. Indeed, collecting memories is nice. As a rule, we don’t stick to those pictures too much. Yet when a girl finds stuff like this on your PC, she has the legal rule to suspect you of being unfaithful. So our main tip will be to get rid of any sexy photos (if only they aren’t so precious to you).

  1. Not wearing your wedding ring

This sign of cheating is as old as the hills. Well, forgetting to wear your wedding ring doesn’t necessarily mean you’re about to betray your dear wife. On the other hand, thousands of men do so when they’re gonna commit such a crime. Sometimes, this even becomes a habit – a bad one we have to admit. So if you’re really fond of your spouse and concerned about how she feels, we suggest you watch your fingers out.

  1. Inappropriate chatting and texting

In fact, there are two kinds of cheating: emotional and physical. Yes, they often go together. But at the initial stages of falling out of love with your mate, only one of them is typically present. Someone starts with random sexual contacts while someone discovers unexpected pleasure via just communication. Anyway, knowing that your partner chats and texts to another person may also irritate your partner.