Popular Reasons for a Breakup

Popular Reasons for a Breakup

Life can change so fast! Even the happiest partnership can come to its inevitable end. Obviously, you will have to deal with a breakup (except if you want to meet a Russian wife – you won’t ever want to leave this precious creature!). To understand the real nature of a breakup, you have to know the most popular reasons for it. Some of them will be quite obvious, others will rather surprise you.

  1. Poor communication. It’s not a countdown, but if it was – poor communication, without doubts, would get the first place. You cannot imagine how many couples lost their mojo just because they never actually managed to learn how to communicate properly. Communication in a partnership is not only about talking and exchanging information; it’s likewise about how you talk and what you choose to say and what to avoid saying. In the end, interpersonal communication is not that much of a sophisticated science if you pay some attention to it. All you need to do is to put respect to your partner as the basis of your every action and decision. Voila! Your communication is flawless.
  2. Poor sex life. This reason can be directly related to communicational issues or exist separately. You might also admit that some couples rarely have sex and don’t focus their efforts on making it great and YET manage to live happily ever after, and it’s true. Nevertheless, sex is the constituent in almost every couple and you have to think about – whether you want it or not. Sex life strongly affects the spark, the passion you have between two of you, and if your couple lacks this passion – it isn’t going anywhere.
  3. Sexual infidelity and emotional betrayals. This one is a complex reason as any kind of cheating has its own motive. We are not trying to justify cheaters in any way; what we are trying to say is that cheating does not happen in happy and flourishing partnerships. Even drunk episodes often have a wide range of presuppositions. Clearly, sexual infidelity can ruin any partnership for good. But think deeper about it: maybe, it was you who inclined your partner to seek warmth and closeness somewhere else? If not, just get over it. Betrayers rarely change. Or even never.  
  4. The lack of romance. This one might sound bizarre. However, it happens more often than you think. Partners (especially men, unfortunately; sorry for gender stereotyping – it’s unavoidable in this case) often stop doing anything romantic right after the end of courtship – so, you will never go out on a romantic candlelit dinner, will never lay in bed of roses, will never recklessly ride through the night drinking sparkling wine etc. As we have mentioned earlier, every partnership without exceptions require fueling its passion at some point, and little romantic gestures can work just fine for this purpose. Without them, your relationship will dry out.
  5. “Falling out of love”. Once again, a bizarre-sounding reason. In fact, this is the most popular one among the reasons for a breakup. You see, love (or what we call “butterflies in the stomach”) has quite a strange effect on our minds. We sometimes refuse to see the flaws of our prospective partner, taking them as adorable features. Likewise, this feeling often veils our eyes so we don’t see the obvious problems that can in future ruin the relationship we are starting e.g. remoteness, radically different life goals etc. That is why “falling out of love” is actually a thing. We don’t always control our minds and lives.

Here are a few popular reasons for a breakup. We really hope this list explains some of your dating fails and helps you never repeat the same mistakes again!

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