Why Do Men Hate Successful Women?

Why Do Men Hate Successful Women?

Taylor Swift? She is a psychopath. Amy Winehouse? She is a drug addict. Mary, God forgive me, Antoinette? She is a lesbian. Admit it, you often hear such estimates in relation to bright, successful and popular women.

It often happens that smart and successful women are lonely. They get all they want: expensive clothes, branded shoes, manners, and apartments. Everything, except the prince they were dreaming about when they were kids. The princess notes a terrible gap in her perfect education. The world offers her a great number of princes, presidents, heads, but she has no idea on how to approach them! The prestigious college she graduated did not have classes on how to approach men.


Typical princesses are often willing to explain such a behavior with the statement that men are afraid of strong women. However, if this was true and men divided women into weak and strong ones, there would be no problems at all.

Life is hardly a fairytale, and successful women are not seventeen anymore. However, they are doing their best to look as young as possible (I mean the single ones).  They tend to use nude look makeup, teenage clothes and start using metro, instead of a taxi or their private vehicle.

Glenn Wilson, the psychologist from London, says that this is an attempt to keep their youth, a so-called Michel Jackson syndrome. On the one hand, single and successful women try to stay young and sexually attractive.  On the other hand, they try to catch up with all the things a normal girl deal as a teenager. The thing is that these princesses used to behave as grownups when they were young. They were studying and working hard, instead of handing out with friends and have fun. They believe that it is better to pick the one guy, a prince, instead of hooking up and trying to build relationships with different guys. This makes them quite picky, by the way. However, their age requires a bit different behavior.


The female success (or career) neither attracts men nor freak them out. The thing is that this success is often going together with character features, which frighten men a lot.

The age itself, by the way, does not work as the crucial factor when we deal with relationships. It does not actually matter that much how old you are. The problem here is that the official, intellectual and emotional age of single and successful women differs. On the one hand, she is 28 and she is on the top of her career which would be difficult to achieve even for a man in his 40s, on the other hand, she shy to talk with guys outside of the office and is laughing like a teenager when she does. Even the highest IQ won’t make a man believe that she is a great girl if she does that.

Besides, men do not seem to be princes for such women. They point that men who surround them have too many drawbacks: some have a beer belly, some are bold, other make twice less money than they do. This is all about being picky, as you see.


Here comes a long list of stereotypes from childhood.

One of them is a so-called loyal prince. A single and successful woman is sure that even if she hasn’t met her mate yet, he is waiting for her somewhere, refusing all other women. This automatically excludes all the divorced men from the list. So, how many has left on the list? Don’t be afraid, single ukrainian brides waiting for you!

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